How To Delete Yourself From the Internet: It Can Be Done!

If someone has written an unfavorable comment about you and if the content pops up first when people Google search you, you will want to erase it. You may also wish to remove a post that you yourself posted on a website. As is the case with most websites, their terms and conditions deny you the right to edit your content once you post it! Such content can often come up in Google when people search for you. This can severely damage your reputation.

However, a fact that you need to understand is that Google is not the source; it merely lets the content be found more easily. Google does not have the original file; it is with the website that has put up the content. So, contacting Google to remove the content will not do anything.

So, how to delete content once you post them online?
Deleting any of your personal uploads like an article, a picture or video, an account, a website, a blog is not always easy, but it CAN be done. To delete content, you have to talk to the webmaster or whoever has the authority to edit the website’s content. Most websites have contact details and you can reach them with that. If you can’t reach them through the phone, send an email.

There are no legal rules for content on a website to be removed or taken down when the person involved is not happy about it. It is the website’s discretion to edit the content. Be polite and solicitous to get your work done. Give them a valid reason for the content you want removed.

Use the Google URL removal tool to erase old content that reappears on the publisher’s website after editing. You require a Google account to do this:
  1. Select the “new removal request” option.
  2. Paste the link on the website requiring an update.
  3. In the reason tab, choose: The page has been changed or edited and Google’s cached version is outdated.
  4. Follow instructions given on the page.
  5. Send your request and Google lets you know if the request has been approved or denied within 48 hours.
If you are unable to delete the content, then bury it! Provide content and back-links that push the content you want removed to page 5 or 6. This is equal to deleting it.

The last resort is the age-old way: legal measures. If someone has written “defamatory” content on you, legal action can be taken. However, when you file a defamation suit, it should meet the following requirements:
  1. The content should be a statement of fact and not an opinion.
  2. The content must be published publicly to at least one other person.
  3. A valid proof for the false statement.
  4. Verifiable damage to your reputation.
These are some ways to delete content online. However, think twice before posting anything online especially on social networking websites. Though there are security measures provided, there are chances for your posts to remain online even after you delete them!
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