Problems with FolderProtector

Common problems with FolderProtector and their solution

1) I have forgotten my password

As there is no way to determine that you are the person who originally installed the software, I cannot help you. The only way to avoid this is to use a memorable password and adding a hint that may help you remember the password.

2) FolderProtector would not unlock files

Check if any security software is blocking Folder Protector. Try running Folder Protector as an Administrator. Restarting your PC could also solve this.

If SecuredFILES folder already exists on the Desktop, try renaming it.

You can also try unlocking your folder in the Safe Mode.

If all else fails, connect your hard disk to a Linux based computer and search for your data.

For other problems: See this post to know how the program works.

If you are still facing support issues after trying everything, then send an email to

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