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Akhilesh Sharma
I live in Agra, India and am currently studying science. I maintain this tech blog as my hobby. I have been blogging on this blog since 2010. Besides blogging, my hobbies include playing and watching sports, customizing my PC, social networking and arguing with friends.

You can contact me at my email id : tweakandtrick@gmail.com.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and not that of my employer(s).

About Tweak And Trick
Tweak And Trick is a technology blog I started in 2010 with the aim to provide useful tips, tricks and tutorials to help its readers. I generally focus on writing topics related to internet, software, security, blogging, technology, Windows, social networks and the world wide web.

You can access each post on this blog through the HTML sitemap.


1) Which Operating System do you use?
I use Windows. Windows 10 powers my desktop and is installed on a multi-boot system with Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I have a few portable Linux distributions on my flash drive that I sometimes use as well.

2) Do you normally blog using your laptop or desktop?
I normally use my laptop but on some rare occasions, you will find me using my desktop. For gaming purpose, I use my desktop.

3) Which browser do you use?
I use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with the TOR bundle. While browsing on mobile, I prefer Opera.

4) What does Tweak And Trick mean?
'Tweak' means to optimize something in a manner to improve its overall performance. 'Trick' means a quick or artful way of getting a result. Combine the two and you will have this blog's purpose, providing quick techniques that bring improvements.

5) Who is hosting this blog?
This blog is hosted by Blogger, Google's blogging platform.
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