Tips to Protect Important Data against Online Attacks

Whether you talk about private individual users or online business owners, both need to pay more attention to the safety and security of their data. The fact of the matter is that every year, millions of users report theft of their valuable data. In such a scenario, entrepreneurs and corporate managers have to take meticulous precautions to make sure that unauthorized personnel do not access their data. Security of personal and professional data is no longer an issue that can be brushed under the carpet; rather all stakeholders need to take corrective actions to put an end to the problem of data theft. Here are some handy tips in this regard:

Adopt skepticism while assessing intentions of strangers

The fact of the matter is that we live in a world where competitors will literally go to any lengths to outwit their professional rivals. So, you need to be more careful while disclosing vital personal or professional information in front of people you cannot trust. Hacking is no longer considered to be a dark art performed by only a handful of geeks; rather most people can do it nowadays. Therefore, you need to exercise more prudence while deciding whether sharing certain information with strangers is safe or not.

Strengthen your password by using different characters

Your password is a key that can unlock all passages for strangers to get access to your precious data; therefore, it is of paramount importance that you choose a password that is both complex and unpredictable. These days, experts advise users to pick passwords that contain alphabets, numbers and special characters. Also, the password should be long enough. Passwords shorter than eight characters are considered unsafe and are very susceptible to getting cracked.

Backup important data
Use encryption to protect your data

Most people tend to underestimate the advantages of getting your data encrypted. Encryption involves a secret code that is used to switch your data into another format. There are various software programs that can be used to encrypt your data for extra protection.

Be careful while surfing

Being prudent while surfing the web is a precaution that should be adopted by users who are conscious about protecting their data. Unsafe browsing can help harmful malware and spyware to sneak into your computer system. Experts believe that confining your web surfing to protected websites becomes much easier if you start using https on the address bar of your browser and browse only websites with encrypted connections.

Prefer wired broadband internet over Wi-Fi

Over the years, experts have concluded that wired internet connection is much more secure and reliable as compared to Wi-Fi internet connection in terms of data security. Before you pick an ISP for a wired connection, make sure that adequate firewall and data security features are enabled.

Always create data backup

The fact of the matter is that there are certain circumstances in which losing precious data becomes inevitable such as in the case of natural disasters. In such a scenario, it is better to create a backup copy of your hard disk either manually or by calling upon the services of professional data backup and recovery companies.

Use anti-virus programs

No one can deny the fact that despite all precautionary measures, the possibility of viruses and bugs entering your system cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the use of anti-virus programs, either free and paid, becomes very crucial. There are many top anti-virus programs that are downloadable from the web for free. Most likely, your OS too will be supplied with a default anti-virus program that you can use to remain protected as well.

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