Epic Browser: The safest, intuitive way to browse the web

Note: This article was written when Epic Browser first came to the market. Since then, the browser has gone through many changes rendering this article outdated.

"Meet Epic. Your New Best Friend." says the opening lines of the webpage at EpicBrowser.com and I do not totally disagree. Epic Browser is the first browser with the made in India tag and which proudly says that it is made for Indians. Epic has left the top browsers like Google Chrome and the original Mozilla Firefox tasting the dust in terms of security.

Moreover, Epic Browser is completely free. Although its focus is on Indian consumers, users from other countries will also find it useful. Epic Browser is the first product of the Bangalore based software company HiddenReflex.

About HiddenReflex: From the browser's about us Page, " Hidden Reflex is a software product startup founded by Alok Bhardwaj in 2007 and based in Bangalore. Alok, who was raised in the U.S., was inspired by the success of open source software and web 2.0 innovations."

Epic Browser

  1. Based on the rock solid foundation of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6. What else do you need? A totally customizable version of Firefox and definitely more safe than it. All the features of Mozilla and more.
  2. Tweaked for improved speeds. I have personally found the Epic Browser performing better in rendering pages than the original Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6. Both browsing and downloading were found to be faster on the same internet connection than Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Built In Anti-virus: Epic Browser is the world's first anti-virus browser with integrated Eset Nod32 anti-virus (considered to be among the safest security products) which you can use to scan your whole system after downloading virus definitions of about 25 Mb. Unlike trial versions of anti-viruses, you can use the anti-virus to kill the viruses it finds.
  4. Malicious Website Warnings: Epic warns you whenever you are going to visit a malicious website.
  5. Anti Phishing Protection: Epic shows a big bold domain name so you never confuse google.com with a scammy googlescam.com.
  6. You get latest film songs, live cricket scores, news from leading sources like rediff.com, regional and hindi news, live tv, stock quotes, events, videos and much more in the feeds available in the browser.
  7. Sidebar: The epic sidebar is a gem in its own. It contains links to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Gmail, Yahoo with live updates to your feeds directly in the browser. So, you can always stay updated on your online friends. You can use the sidebar to find jobs, play games, make a to do list, backup your hard drive, start a timer and even download a customized app.
  8. Epic offers one click private data deletion, one click private browsing, flash cookie deletion and even browsing with no records for those worried about privacy.
  9. What's more? Epic has integrated World Of Trust Search with which you can sort your search results and identify less trusted sites. Epic also has integrated World of Trust rating to identify the trustworthiness of the websites you visit.
  10. Epic automatically display an option to view cached versions of not found pages from 3 sources: Google, Wayback Machine and Coral.
  11. If you don't like the included skin, you can always download a new skin anytime. Note: When you start Epic for the first time, it downloads the default skin. So, the lag in internet speed at the first startup should in no way be associated to the browser.
  12. You can use Epic to type easily in Indian languages using Epic Indic Text.
  13. Epic has an integrated word processor with which you can easily create documents.

Download Epic Browser: You can download Epic browser from EpicBrowser.com.

Safest undoubtedly Epic is; it is not totally bug-less. The most common problem is that it re-downloads its theme after every few days. Overall , Epic is a feature rich browser with loads of potential. If HiddenReflex works on it well, Epic can easily become the best web browser in the market. 

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awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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really a very good browser. you described features very well

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