Notebook Accessories to Look Out For

The demand for notebooks has increased tremendously over the past few years. More and more consumers are choosing notebooks over traditional desktop computers. Netbook manufacturers are constantly adding new features to their products, thus making them even more attractive to users. Manufacturers are also frequently lowering prices in an attempt to create new customer segments for their products. Due to the dropping prices, more and more consumers are able to get access to notebooks. The other reason why notebooks are preferred by businessmen, students and working professionals is that they are portable.

Notebook Accessories
A common Notebook Cooling Pad
Due to the increasing use of notebooks in recent years, many computer manufacturers are now offering a wide variety of accessories and add-ons which are aimed at making the device more effective and thus enhancing the user experience. The following are some of the most important netbook accessories you need to look out for.

1. Surge protector
Netbooks, just like laptops and desktops, run on power. Very often, you will need to charge the device by plugging the power adapter into the wall outlet. The problem is that a sudden power surge can cause serious damage to a notebook. This is why a surge protector is very important. You can place it between the power adapter and the wall outlet so as to ensure safety. Surge protectors are very light and can therefore be carried around easily from one place to another.

2. Cooling stand
When used for a long period, netbooks can get very hot. When using a netbook on your lap or on a solid surface, it is therefore advisable to use a cooling stand between the surface and your notebook. The cooling stand has an in-built fan which keeps the notebook cool. When temperatures are kept low, the notebook can also save power. Therefore, if you intend to work on your netbook for long durations, a cooling stand is a very vital accessory for you.

3. Netbook stand
Contrary to popular belief, notebooks were not designed to be necessarily used on the lap. There are times when you might desire to use the netbook as a desktop PC. Some computer manufactures offer stands which can help you place your netbook on a desk, as well as use it with an external keyboard. Once you have finished working, you can easily disconnect the keyboard.

4. Bluetooth GPS
A Bluetooth GPS (Global Positioning System) is an important accessory for people who need to use the GPS feature to keep tabs on specific things. Besides the Bluetooth GPS, you might also want to install Google Map and an internet wireless modem into your netbook.

5. Portable speakers
The sound quality of notebooks is usually not sufficient for anyone who wants to watch a movie or listen to music. To experience good sound quality, you might want to add a couple of small speakers to your notebook. Such speakers are usually very light and can therefore be carried around easily.

6. Port replicator
Handling all the connections and wires of the netbook can be very frustrating. The port replicator or docking station makes it very easy to connect all the peripherals needed for operating the netbook.

7. Battery backup
When purchasing your netbook, make sure an extra battery or two. An extra battery would come in very handy especially when you are traveling for a long period. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about short battery life.

8. Carrying case or backpack
A carrying case or backpack is a very important accessory for people who carry their netbooks around very frequently. These cases or backpacks come in a wide variety of designs and styles.
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