Social Media: Attracting Job Opportunities by new methods

It is no secret that professionals have used social media to attract new job opportunities for years now. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook make it somewhat easy for candidates to increase their visibility to hiring employers. However, as the job market competition grows, candidates need to find new methods for attracting the headhunters.

Social recruiting statistics report that about 79 percent of all companies refer to social media when screening applicants. Out of those numbers, 78 percent of those companies look at LinkedIn profiles, 55 percent look at Facebook Profiles, 45 percent look at Twitter accounts, 19 percent look at blogs and 14 percent look at YouTube accounts.

Needless to say, the majority of a candidate's focus should be on his LinkedIn profile. Moreover, there are people who are actively pursuing their own type of business and use these sites to connect with other professionals.

Facebook account

Here is the first rule: Keep your Facebook page professional. If you want to attract headhunters, you need to keep any offensive content out of your account. This may include activity from your friends. It is easy to be tagged in an album or status update that you don't want possible employers or valuable contacts to see.

Use Facebook to get Jobs

With that being said, candidates can use Facebook to show positive aspects about themselves to possible employers or partners. In fact, many people completely optimize their Facebook account and promote it to possible employers, including the URL on their resume, job application and advertisements.

LinkedIn account

LinkedIn was created for professional use. Yes, it is a social media site, but it is for businessmen and businesswomen who are looking for employees, searching for a job, or searching for partners and affiliates.

LinkedIn account Job

One of the best ways candidates can maximize their visibility on LinkedIn is to get it found in the Google search engine. To do this, users must completely fill out their information and customize their profile's URL with their real name. Additionally, users should include that link in any type of web content post, including blog comments, forum posts and other social media posts.

Moreover, users should include any blog or website with which they are affiliated, including personal websites. Users should also make sure that their profile is set to public and full-view.

Though this is not a new method, candidates should always strive to increase their number of contacts. A user with 20 contacts is over 35 times more likely to have a new job opportunity than a user with just five contacts.


Twitter is probably the last social network site considered for job opportunities. However, people who effectively use this site can have the greatest opportunities presented to them.

Social Media: Twitter Job

Candidates should follow hundreds of companies that match their experience and profile. There are times when companies post about open opportunities exclusively on Twitter, and people who follow these companies have a great chance of securing the job.

Moreover, users should optimize their account with a professional avatar, a link to their CV or resume, and tweets about a job search.


Candidates who utilize these tips may attract new job opportunities. International headhunters are looking for creative people, so be creative.

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