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Many companies now have websites; be it a small website that just shows their location and contact details; or a very large information based site; or all singing and dancing shopping cart solution with thousands of items available to order online.

Yet, many companies are reliant on their web designer or a web development company to keep these sites up to date and implement changes that a customer may want them making to their site. Now this is not down to the web company just wanting to make more money, it is down to the fact that a little knowledge can cause a lot of damage, and if you had full access to your site then with a few misplaced clicks, you could cause terrible damage to your website, which your web design company would then have to charge to put right. So, most websites are limited in how you can update them for a good reason.

There is a growing tendency for companies to want to provide daily or weekly updates on their day-to-day business, such as a new product launch, or a new store opening, or an industry accolade that they may have won. If this sounds like you, then how do you go about displaying such information on your website without having to go to your web design company each time?


Well, the simple solution is to get your web development company to design and set up a blog for you. Whilst this does sit on the same server as your website, it is in essence a separate area that you can go in to and update your information (such as new product releases, company news etc.) without having access to any of the files for your main website, thus ensuring one wrong click of the mouse does not result in your whole website going down!

Blogs are just about the best thing going for you to get the latest information across to your customers, as once they are set up, it is very easy to go in and post your latest company news on a daily basis, and the more you post fresh, original and relevant content to your blog, the more likely you are to move your whole website rankings up in search engines.

This is because major search engines love new and original content (not just some article that you have copied from another website), and in general, this is what blogs give to search engines. Yet make no mistake. It can take hard work to take your blog to the top of the search engines, particularly when anyone can set one up for free in under two minutes.

However, whilst setting up a good looking blog need not cost the Earth, you do need to maintain it regularly, as a poorly maintained blog can do your website more harm than good.

So, if you have not got a blog set up on your website already, then why not talk to your web development company today about implementing one for you. A good one will even offer a fully managed service for you if you are too busy to manage it day to day.
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