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Thank you for showing your interest in writing for Tweak And Trick , a technology blog on software, internet and security tricks and tips.

Update: We do not accept guest posts anymore.

What can I write about?

Anything that helps someone is good content for a guest post. It can be related to software, web applications, internet, security, gadgets, tricks, tips, games, blogging, SEO or it can be based on your personal experiences. There is no recommended length of the guest post, but usually a post must be long enough to enable a reader to understand your article clearly. This usually means that the post should have a minimum of 500 words.

Why should I write? What do I get in return?

You will get recognition, promotion, subscribers and quality traffic to your blog or website. Regular writers can join this blog as co- Authors and get many more incentives.


  1. Your post should be original and should not have been published anywhere on any website.
  2. Your post should be well explained.
  3. You must accompany your post with images that you are free to use.
  4. You must not write self promoting content.
  5. This is not a news blog, so make sure that your content is not something that would much rather suit a news blog.
  6. Your post must include an author bio.
  7. You must only include a single link in your author bio. Link in your author bio will be nofollowed. Links inside posts are not allowed. This excludes editorial links to quality resources discussed within the post.
  8. The link in your author bio should only be to your homepage and free from any SEO'd anchor text. For example, if your website is, we will provide a link having the anchor text or TweakAndTrick only.
  9. The linked website should be a blog or a website that you own. Third party authors are not allowed.
  10. The linked website should be an informational resource and not a website looking to sell or promote a product/service.
How do I submit an article?

You may send your article at Include the HTML formatted version of your post as a .txt or a .doc attachment. I will get back to you as soon as possible. For any further queries, you can contact me.

Please Note: I receive 5-10 guest blogging offers per day. So, be patient if your email does not get replied to quickly. In order to maintain our quality, I do not accept all the submitted posts.

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Akhilesh Sharma maintains and writes Tweak And Trick. He is a technology enthusiast and a science student.
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