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Google is the search engine of choice for most users. This is well represented by the fact that Google is the most visited website on the internet. A reason for this popularity is Google's characteristic to integrate simplicity with usability.

An example of this is Google's minimalistic homepage, which consists of a search bar and two buttons, Search and I'm Feeling Lucky. All of us know what the search button does; it takes us to a search results page consisting of top ten results that match our query. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on the other hand takes you to the top ranking page in the search results for a particular query.
Im feeling lucky

Some webpages use this behavior to create some amazing and funny results. Here is a list of few such keywords that have some funny websites at the first position in Google. To see these tricks, open Google's homepage, type in the phrase and hit the I'm feeling lucky button.

Google Gravity
I am feeling lucky, Google
The force of gravity is non-existent in cyber space. Google gravity makes you realize how Google would have been if gravity had been effective on the internet as well. Just type Google gravity in the search bar and press the I'm feeling lucky button. This will take you to the Google gravity page which, at first look, might appear to be the Google homepage itself. Wait for a few seconds and you will realize why this Chrome experiment is called Google gravity. Although the website lists Google Gravity as a Chrome experiment, it works on all modern browsers supporting HTML5 and CSS3.

Google Sphere
Want to see images on Google dance in circular motion? Google sphere is the phrase for that. This phrase will take you to the Google sphere Chrome experiment. Google sphere is a modified version of Image search that adds a bit of fun to your regular search. This Chrome experiment, just like the previous one, works on all modern browsers supporting HTML5 and CSS3.

Epic Google 
Epic Google will take you to a growing version of Google that will continue to increase in size until it becomes too large to read.

I'm feeling lucky tricks
Enable Pirate language in Google
Aware of the Facebook Pirate language trick? Google too has their own pirate version to compete with that of Facebook's. Just use the Google Pirate phrase. Update: Google Pirate is no longer available as a language supported by Google.

Google funny feeling lucky tricks
Find Chuck Norris
This one is for all fans of Chuck Norris jokes. We all know that you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. The find Chuck Norris phrase proves the fact further. Update: Currently, the expected result is ranking at the second spot for the search term.

Who is the cutest?
Want to know who is the cutest person in the world? Just use this phrase. This one will definitely make you smile.

Most of these websites are not owned by Google. They were created independently to achieve these effects.

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Fab post. Love the tricks and tips but ESPECIALLY your info on the humor factor available. Voted!

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i loved it so much thanks

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hahaha, thanks man! my favourite was the pirate language google, made me laugh out loud in the middle of science!

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This is so much fun to show people who havent found them. I bet the google peeps have lots of time on there hands. Thx!!

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