The Uses of Coordinating Computers and Telephones

Computers and telephones have proven to be very useful in many different ways over the years. Now, computers and telephones are joining forces to coordinate with each other and provide different kinds of interactions.
Computer-telephone integration or CTI is what computer and telephone actions are called when they are being coordinated. CTI includes: Screen popping, automatic dialing, phone control, transfers, and call routing.
      Uses of Coordinating Computers and Telephones
    1. Screen popping. Screen popping means that the computer displays information about a call that has recently been sent to the call center agent. 
    2. Automatic dialing. Automatic dialing is the term of a device called an auto dialer. An auto dialer is a device that dials phone numbers and when the call is answered, the auto dialer plays a recording or connects to a live person. 
    3. Phone control. Phone control is just the basics of all the functions your phone normally does like: answering, hang up, dialing, conference calls, hold, and more. 
    4. Transfers. This is used in-order to have coordinated transfer of data over the phone or computer with two parties.
    5. Call routing. This is the automatic routing of calls to new destinations.
    The type of CTI that most people are familiar with, and usually feel very adverse to, is auto dialing. Auto dialing is used poorly by some telemarketers and makes the customers frustrated. Though it is annoying when used poorly, auto dialers can be used for many different things that are useful and proficient.

    The ability to communicate with lots of people and with little effort is a luxury in and of itself but who would benefit from the use of auto dialers other than those calling and sending the messages? Here is a list of just a few people who can benefit from auto dialing: Senior citizens, parents, voters, and more.

    Senior citizens could be reminded of when to take medications. Medication is important and doctors who take the time to program auto dialing could help many patients in one go.

    Parents who have children in school could benefit from an auto dialer when there is a delay for the school. The school administration can save a lot of time calling parents and the parents are benefited by being told there is a delay before they leave the house.

    Voters can be informed about the different candidates through auto dialer as well. Auto dialer is just one of the many ways computers and telephones are being combined to help make the lives of many people more efficient.

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