Which Free Website Platform Is Right For You?

There are many free website platforms out there and each has its own pros and cons. However, many of these platforms aren’t bad by any means of the word. Instead, chances are that some of these platforms are specialized and work best with certain types of sites. So to help you in deciding which platform to choose, I am going to break down four popular free web design platforms and tell you what type of site they would be best for.


Blogger as a Blogging Platform
Google’s Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms. It’s simple, easy to use, and you can easily build a community and customize the look and feel of your blog. There are tons of tools and widgets you can add in to improve it, but even the basic layout is great. You can embody pictures, text, and videos into all your posts. All your posts can have social media sharing features. You can add a custom domain to your blog to make it more professional. All blogger blogs are hosted on Google's servers, giving one of the highest possible uptimes.

This platform is best for individuals who either want a personal blog, in which they just pretty much write about whatever they want, or a niche blog in which they focus on a particular topic. This blog is also hosted by Blogger.


WordPress.com is the free offering of the extremely popular WordPress suite, with a few limitations. Wordpress can be used to create a full fledged website as well as a blog. WordPress allows you to choose from a set of beautiful pre-selected themes but does not allow you to use a custom theme for free. You can integrate social media with your blog but cannot upload new plugins. WordPress allows you to easily add pictures and third party videos on your blog and has a great commenting system. One of the main disadvantages of using WordPress is that it shows advertisements on your blog.

WordPress is good for personal bloggers who do not want too many features and control over their blogs. If you are looking for more control over your blog and the ability to customize it as you want, I would not recommend WordPress.


Wix as a Website Platform
Wix is a free web design platform and it really caters to the more creative types. Being flash based with support for HTML widgets, Wix allows creators to adjust every picture, piece of text, and other site element to their liking. However, Wix’s page management isn’t its biggest asset. It also doesn’t really offer a true blogging platform. So with that in mind, Wix is ideal for people who want to showcase creativity.

This would mean musicians, artists, photographers, really anyone that is trying to show off an artistic ability. These types of sites wouldn’t need a lot of pages, and chances are that artistic people will have a great time in the Wix editor. Wix could also be great for small business owners that offer a service. However, if part of your business is selling things online, then I wouldn’t choose Wix.


Weebly as a Website Platform
Unlike Wix, page management is Weebly's strong point. You can have as many pages as you want on your website, and also as many blogs as you want on your website. This is great for someone who wants to create a multi-blog site or really any site that is going to be very content driven. This is also another option for small business owners, but if you are mainly into selling things online, then Weebly is a much better pick than Wix.

Hopefully, now it will be easier for you to pick a platform rather than just going out and trying a bunch to see what you like.

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