IT Professionals: The Oracle in the Office

IT specialists are a mysterious sort. They slip through the void almost completely unnoticed. All hours through the day, they work at maintaining the invisible field of energy that passes between the networks of electronic devices in any given business. They are the pinnacles of knowledge and practical office know-how, and their work sometimes goes unappreciated.
IT Professionals
IT Professionals

Who are these mysterious men and women? They are oracles. They are wise and enigmatic, holding the knowledge of the modern, esoteric arts of computing. Much like the ancient mythmakers, they hold the secrets that others do not know, and they lead their community or tribe with their unrivaled knowledge.

An IT degree can prepare students for a career in information technology, but with great power comes great responsibility, so they say. Like countless comic book masterminds, IT specialists with an IT degree learn to peek into the future and stop problems before they happen. They do this by keeping all components of a business’ network up to date and healthy.

Like Oracle from the DC universe, IT specialists are always ready to help and provide information to their friends and colleagues. They manage data and hold knowledge that others in their workplace can not even begin to understand. They observe from a hidden “Watchtower” within the workplace, and while they may not lead conferences or spend their time motivating their colleagues, their work helps the business move forward.

Another Oracle dwells in the Matrix who holds very similar powers to IT specialists in the workplace. The Oracle in the Matrix advises Neo on what he needs to do to save Zion and battle Agent Smith, who could easily be compared to rogue programs or malicious code within the system’s network. The Oracle pilots Neo and guides him along. In this case, Neo represents an antivirus or firewall protocol, protecting the system from corruption by dark agents.

“Oracles” of the workplace keep the system clean and free of malware, protecting countless pieces of confidential information and indeed the entire network infrastructure from remote invasion. Since client information must be protected to maintain a good customer-provider relationship, IT specialists are in a constant battle with corporate spies and rogue programs to protect their company’s reputation.

It is an important role that IT specialists fill, and their vast knowledge of information technology is indispensible in the workplace. They are masters of hidden arts, using their mystic powers to reinforce and insulate a business against enemies that would see its order undone.

An IT degree enables students to pursue an advanced career in information technology. In this job, they will perform updates and repairs on a business’ networks on a daily basis, making sure all devices are running smoothly and are updated to the latest firmware. They are the unsung heroes of the office and the champions of all things misunderstood by the uninitiated.

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