Wirelessly Transfer Files on Android Devices With Dropbox

As great as smart phones have become when it comes to handling our digital lives, there are still a few tiresome concessions we make for their use. One is having to plug our device into our computer in order to transfer files. Some manufacturers such as Apple have launched new services to alleviate that using cloud computing but most services come at a price. Here is one way you can send files to your Android based phone completely free without the help of a USB cable.
Transfer files android wireless
Transferring files wirelessly on Android using Dropbox is easy

Step 1: On your computer, navigate to dropbox.com and download the application installer.

Step 2: Once the application has been downloaded, run it and an initial set up wizard should begin.

Step 3: Using the initial set up wizard, create a free Dropbox account by entering your name, email address and computer name.

Step 4: A folder called Dropbox should now be available on your computer. Put any file you wish to wirelessly send to your phone in this folder.

Step 5: On your Android phone, open your App drawer and open the Play Store application.

Step 6: Search for Dropbox and install the application.

Step 7: Once installed, return home and re-open your App drawer and start up the Dropbox app.  

Step 8: Tap the existing Dropbox account button and log in using the account you just created in step 3.

You should now see any files you have in the Dropbox folder. Transferring additional files to your phone wirelessly is now as easy as dragging them into the folder and starting the app on your phone. Dropbox allows you to send up to 2GB of data for free. Any files larger than that will either have to be transferred via hard connection or you’ll have to sign up for a paid plan.

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