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Spy gadgets are usually designed for police investigations or for the private investigation business. Usually, users of these spy gadgets are retired law enforcers or ex – military officials and sometimes, civilians that undergo a special training for this type of investigation. They are the ones who become Private Investigators.

But, not all people can afford to hire a private investigator.

Cool Spy Gadgets for Civilians

The trend now in the surveillance industry  is to make gadgets that are user friendly. Their mission now is to bring spy gadgets closer to every normal civilian who needs to investigate something but does not have the capability to hire a private investigator. Here are some gadgets that anyone, including you, can buy.

spy gadgets

Spy Phone Software

Such mobile phone software can be used to track personal calls and message logs. They have GPS tracking systems and SIM change detection capabilities. Some allow you to actually hear live phone calls. These software are generally very flexible. You can use them by installing to the targeted phone and that’s it. You’re now an instant spy.

Spy Phone Software

Wireless Spy Camera Pen

Such cameras generally have features matching entry level digital cameras with the added benefit of being covert. Do you know what it means? It only means that they are devices tailor-made for spying purposes. Every second of the target’s activity will be clearly captured. They generally have storage space enough to record short conversations in high quality.
Spy Pen Camera

Mobile Phone Jammers

These type of gadgets can mess up a wireless phone's signal. So with this capability, it can temporarily remove the ability of a phone to call or even send a message. With these, you can prevent unwanted communications during a meeting or stop information breaches due to mobile phones at any particular place.

Mobile Jammer

Wrist Watch Voice Recorder

These simple watches are best used to record conversations with clear quality. They generally have multistage equalizers to make that happen. Besides spying, some of them work as MP3 Players for listening to music as well.

Wrist Watch Voice recorder

Spy Kite

These are wind flyers that have digital camera attached on the frame. They are capable of taking photographs from air. They are generally made up of fiber glass and come with a wireless remote control that enables you to take photographs while your own feet are on the ground; best for aerial surveillance.

Spy Kite


Another form of aerial surveillance, aside from the Spy Kite, are these robotic spy planes modeled after bats. They can send information like smell, sound and photographs to their operators. Some of them get recharged through renewable sources like sunlight and wind.

Com Bat

Mini Spy Tracker

These trackers use GPS tracking system to locate themselves. They have accuracy of civilian use GPS data, so you won’t have any problem about their precision. You can track some of these gadgets through the internet. Some of these gadgets also record time, date and location of movements as well.

GSM GPRS Tracker
Convenience and Practicality will be the primary weapons of this new generation of spy gadgets.

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