How to get in Blogger Related Content Search

The new Blogger Search is still in development stages and Google as always is absolutely quiet on this. However, going by the source of code of the JavaScript inserted in all Blogspot blogs, one can conclusively find a sure shot way of getting included in the Blogger related content Search and benefit from the traffic received.
Get in Blogger Related Content Search

A fragment of JavaScript added to Blogspot blogs is as follows:-

function showRelatedContent(args) {
      var el = document.getElementById('related-iframe');
      if ( != 'none') {

Looking at it, one can obviously see a mention of the " !=none" referring to the iframe of Blogger's Navigation Bar which most of the blogspot users "hide" using the css #navbar-iframe{display:none}. So, it appears that blogs that have disabled the Navigation Bar will not show related content. Moreover, going by some preliminary tests, it appears that Blogger checks which blogs have disabled the Navigation bar and on its basis decides which blogs to include in Blogger related content search. This is much similar to the behavior shown by the Next Blog feature in Blogger's Navigation Bar which also only links to blogs that have shown the Navigation Bar. However, for non-competitive search queries, blogs without the Navigation Bar also appear in results. It also appears that recently updated content is given preference in terms of ranking.

So ultimately, you must unhide the Blogger Navigation Bar if you wish to get included in Blogger Search results. So, it appears that Blogger Team is now playing smart to force people into showing the Navigation Bar.
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