Akhilesh Sharma

Akhilesh Sharma is the tech blogger who maintains Tweak and Trick. He lives in Agra, India and is currently studying science. The budding technologist inside him took the form of this tech blog.

Besides technology, his hobbies include sports, social networking, arguing with friends and tweaking his PC.

Akhilesh Sharma
You can contact Akhilesh at his email id: tweakandtrick@gmail.com .

About Tweak and Trick

Tweak and Trick ( formerly Technology Inspired) is a technology blog started by Akhilesh Sharma in 2010. This blog focuses on software, internet, security, useful web apps , how to's and new technologies.

You can access each article published on Tweak and Trick through our archives.

The basic objective of this blog is to create posts which help users in every day needs along with providing some interesting information which encourages them to admire and get inspired by technology.
Author About
Akhilesh Sharma maintains and writes Tweak And Trick. He is a technology enthusiast and a science student.
You can contact him at tweakandtrick@gmail.com.

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